Adventures in Skylar

Ghosts, Gold and Guards used as Cannon Fodder

Inside the Farseer Crypt, the party found themselves in a huge, dark chamber. The guards with them introduced themselves as Cyrian, Alec and Stefan as they began to explore the room, but before long they were interrupted by the appearance of ghosts ahead of them, with swirling bands of dark energy around their wrists. The ghosts seemed angry at the intrusion of outsiders into their crypt, and attacked the party. Although the first couple were dealt with easily, more ghosts faded into view as the group continued to explore the room, and soon they had a full-scale battle on their hands. The guards took the front line of the battle, as did Su’gi, while Rolenn and Sariel assisted from afar.

After the battle, the party finished searching the room and found that passageways branched off from the room to the left and right. Travelling down the left-hand passageway, they found three rooms – one containing the ghost ofAtherest Farseer, who warned them that her ancestor Jagden Farseer was controlling the spirits of her family for his own evil purposes before granting the party a blessing of protection.

The next room they entered contained an enchanted mirror that could show the answer to any question. After much deliberation, Rolenn asked where Azoth could be found, and the mirror displayed an image of a large rectangular chamber with a circular staircase at its centre, leading to an ornate sarcophagus.

After attempting without much success to remove the enchanted mirror from its place on the wall, the group entered the final room of the junction, where a pile of gold pieces lay at the far end of the room. Rolenn, suspecting a trap, sent Stefan ahead – as predicted, part of the floor vanished as Stefan walked toward the treasure, causing him to fall into a pit of spikes. Su’gi flew down to rescue Stefan from the pit, while Rolenn made off with the gold.

The party then returned to the right-hand passage, where they found a large room lined with sarcophagi and decorated with a huge carving of an old man’s face in the far wall. There they found the tomb of Jagden Farseer, empty except for an old journal and a pair of enchanted gauntlets made for a dragon. The journal told them that Jagden had in fact been the founder of the city that bears his name, and that he had links to the Dragon Riders of Starkfell. However, as Rolenn took the dragon claws and the journal, the door was sealed shut by some form of enchantment, and the mouth of the carving opened, causing water to flood into the chamber. Rolenn quickly discovered that replacing the treasures would deactivate the trap, and also soon found the crystals in the eyes of the carving that were controlling the enchantment. Rather than destroy the crystals, however, he decided to pocket them and evacuate the chamber, leaving Su’gi to take the dragon claws and journal while Sariel disabled the door enchantment from outside. Having just about managed to break the seal before Su’gi came to any harm, the party regrouped and prepared to head deeper into the crypt.



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