The Thieves' Sword

The Thieves’ Sword, so-called because of its links to the fabled Thieves’ Game, is a sword enchanted to change its nature to suit the user. As such, in the hands of one person it might become wreathed in flame, while in the hands of another it could strike fear into the hearts of all who behold them. In addition to this, the sword grants some benefits even to those who merely keep it sheathed – some might experience sharper reflexes, others increased strength or a heightened awareness of their surroundings. It is said that there are as many different possible effects as there are people in the world.

However, it is rare for the sword to remain in the possession of one person or faction for long, as it is highly sought-after by players of the Thieves’ Game not only because of its magical power, but also because it is rumoured to hold the secret to ending the brutal game once and for all. In the past month alone it has been owned by the Jagden Thieves’ Guild, Carla Scargill, the master thief Verris, and Rolenn (its current owner).

In addition to these known enchantments, Sariel Sintatelle discovered a number of others which she could not decipher. However, on bringing the sword to the Jagden Wizards’ Guild, the party discovered that the sword had in fact been created by the Archmage Azoth Farseer, and that the Thieves’ Game had come about due to a curse he had placed upon it, to guard against it being stolen and used for evil purposes. The other two enchantments placed upon the sword were revealed to be enchantments of opening – one opens the Farseer Crypt, but the other’s nature remains a mystery.

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The Thieves' Sword

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