Jagden is a bustling city in the west of Tegora, south of the Arathon Woods. It is not the most architecturally beautiful of cities, but what it lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in cultural diversity. People of all races and all walks of life have a chance of finding success in Jagden, although the huge slum district in the south of the city is a testament to the fact that failure is equally easy to find, and that the city’s local government has no tolerance for those who fail to pay their taxes.


Jagden map

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Jagden is socially fairly liberal, welcoming people of all races and from all corners of Skylar. However, the local government’s treatment of slum-dwellers proves to be an exception to the rule. The city is also a staunchly capitalist place, where all citizens have freedom of opportunity in its bustling yet ruthless markets.

The government of Jagden is in theory elected democratically by the people, but as in many of Tegora’s purportedly democratic cities there is still a certain amount of corruption behind the scenes which makes true democracy difficult to achieve.


As in most of Tegora, the most popular religions in Jagden are the churches of Pelor, Erathis and Avandra. However, smaller temples and shrines to most Good and Unaligned gods exist in Jagden, and although worshippers of Evil gods are usually treated with suspicion members of the Thieves’ Guild are often devoted to Lolth.


Humans and halflings are the most common races found in Jagden, but the city contains citizens of all races – although as with the rest of Skylar, eladrin are a rare sight.

Recent Events

A mysterious charred corpse was recently found in the entrance to the crypt of the Farseer family. Rumours abound, but despite an ongoing investigation by the Jagden city guard his identity remains unknown.

In other news, there has been unrest recently about the situation in the slums – conscientious members of the middle classes have been questioning the actions of the government as they banish ever-increasing numbers of the poor, the diseased and the insane to the slums in the south of the city rather than attempting to solve the underlying problems.

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