Jagden Farseer


Jagden Farseer was a powerful earth mage who lived about 100,000 years ago. As well as being a member of the illustrious Farseer family, he also founded the eponymous city of Jagden. However, this fact appears not to be widely known to those who live in the city, but why this should be is not clear.

Jagden also appears to have had ties with the Dragon Riders of Starkfell – it was he who created the towering staircases linking Starkfell with the lands below, and the enchanted dragon claws he was buried with were apparently intended as a gift to the Maekrix shortly before the city was destroyed.

The party gathered this information from the journal they found in his tomb – based on his otherwise empty coffin and the words of Atherest Farseer, however, his body is still roaming the Farseer Crypt and appears to be controlling the spirits of the others entombed within.


Jagden Farseer

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