Eric Scargill


Eric is the portly owner of the Calf’s Head Inn, who retains a little skill as a fighter from his days as a bodyguard in his hometown’s Thieves’ Guild. He is not the most skilled warrior in the world, but what he lacks in ability he makes up for in enthusiasm. He worships Avandra.


Eric and his brother were once thieves – Eric served as a bodyguard to the Guild’s high-ups, while his brother was an accomplished pickpocket. However, they left their Thieves’ Guild in an attempt to escape the Thieves’ Game after the constant skirmishes with other guilds became overwhelming. They settled down in an isolated village where they thought they would be safe, but they could not escape the game entirely, and when Eric’s niece Carla was born, she inherited the mark of the game from her father. Her mother died in childbirth, and Eric’s brother went mad with grief and killed himself. Eric was left to look after his niece, and after the superstitious villagers drove them out they spent her entire childhood on the run. When Carla turned eighteen two years ago, she set off on her own on a search for a way to leave the Thieves’ Game, and Eric was free at last to pursue a (relatively) peaceful life as the bartender of The Calf’s Head Inn in Jagden.

However, when the latest of Carla’s attempts to break the curse of the game resulted in failure, she was forced to leave the city in order to escape the angry adventurers on her tail. Eric insisted on accompanying her for her protection, and they fled in the direction of Strongcliff. However, Sariel and Rolenn caught up with them in the Arathon Woods, and after interrogating Carla they press-ganged the Scargills into their service. Since then, Carla has been helping the adventurers to find the Thieves’ Sword and put an end to the Thieves’ Game.

Eric Scargill

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