Adventures in Skylar

The Farseer Crypt

Having rested in the Arathon Woods, the party returned to the skies on Su’gi’s back and flew towards Jagden. However, due to a slightly inadvisable decision to attempt to land inside the Wizards’ Guild, they ended up crashing into the wizards’ tower and causing considerable damage to its walls. This enraged several members of the guild, and only the sight of the runes on Sariel and Rolenn’s hands prevented them from treating them as a threat. Carla and Eric, meanwhile, snuck away from the commotion without wishing to be seen, on account of the fact that Carla had previously attempted to steal several magical tomes from the tower and didn’t want to be caught there again. The rune was revealed to be the crest of the Farseer family, an ancient family of Jagden nobles. When Rolenn asked one of the wizards to examine the Thieves’ Sword, he told the party that it was none other than the sword of Azoth Farseer, an Archmage who lived around two centuries ago. He also discovered that the enchantment maintaining the presence of the runes was linked to a secondary source of magic, but he could not identify the sword’s remaining enchantments beyond discerning that they were both opening spells of some kind. The wizard also mentioned that it was a strange coincidence that the sword should turn up now, as an inquiry was currently being conducted into the mysterious death of a man at the entrance to the Farseer Crypt. Intrigued, the party set off to investigate.

After attempting to investigate the crypt, only to be turned away by the guards, they visited the City Guard HQ under the pretense of trying to help identify the body. Although the corpse was burned beyond all recognition, they did manage to discover that the man had also been involved in the Thieves’ Game, due to traces of the rune still remaining on his hand, and that he had attempted to cut the mark out of his own hand before his death. Su’gi proved to be particularly useful to the investigation, discovering more than most of the city guards had managed to find, and the guard who had been supervising them – who had at first thought of Su’gi as merely a tamed beast – was impressed enough to offer to allow the party to investigate the crypt themselves.

Inside the Farseer Crypt, the party found that a wall had been put in place to seal away the contents of the tomb itself – only the entrance was open to the public. As they approached the wall, the runes on their hands and the Thieves’ Sword glowed fiercely, and a series of glowing symbols appeared before them. At first Rolenn was afraid the runes were a trap designed to kill intruders, but after Sariel assured him there were no spells of ill intent surrounding the message, they began to decipher it. They eventually managed to discern that the runes translated into a riddle: ‘STRIKE MARK AGAINST MARK, AND THE WAY WILL CLEAR.’ Sariel took the sword and sliced apart the rune on her hand, and the wall vanished before them. Before venturing into the tomb, Rolenn convinced the guard to join their party, along with two others, so that they would have some protection.



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